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1. 11 Top SaaS Market Trends โ€” SaaS industry growth isnโ€™t slowing. Companies spend an average of $2,884 per employee on SaaS. The SaaS market size is expected to reach $157 billion in 2020, and is forecasted to gain $60 billion between the years 2019 and 2023.

With all of this growth comes a few core trends: innovation in untapped markets, expansion in primed markets, and a striving for simplicity in mature markets experiencing overwhelm with their current SaaS solutions.

2. 63 SaaS Companies That Entrepreneurs Can Learn From โ€” In our list of SaaS companies, weโ€™re providing a ton of different products to inspire you. Weโ€™re covering not only market leaders like Adobe and Zoom, but also micro SaaS and fast-growing companies you might not have heard of.

Keep reading for our list of companies in the following categories: Global market leaders, fast growers in North America, fast growers in Europe, micro SaaS

๐Ÿ’ป News and resources

1. Baremetrics + Churn Buster: How To Grow Without Focusing On Acquisition โ€” Can you grow without focusing on acquisition? The head of Growth at Baremetrics says you can.

2. Google acquires Appsheet โ€” Appsheet, a no-code app builder was acquired by Google. The company has a $60M valuation but the purchase price was not disclosed. Nathan Latka put together a detailed page with all of Appsheet’s numbers pre-acquisition including funding, customers, and team size which you can find here. They have 5700 customers paying an average of $750 per year.

3. Torii: A SaaS Platform to Manage All Your SaaS Apps โ€” Torii helps you discover, optimize and control your organization’s SaaS usage and costs. It took them a year to get their first paying customer, but then they signed Pipedrive and everything changed.

4. Key Metrics for the Passion Economy (ad-supported SaaS) (ad-supported SaaS) โ€” We’re big proponents of B2B SaaS because it’s easier to drive revenue. However, there are some projects that simply have to be ad-supported, and in the SaaS world this isn’t discussed as often. Learn the growth metrics that matter for ad-supported SaaS.

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