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Why Now Is the Best Time to Start a SaaS Company — According to at least one well-known venture capitalist, however, it’s a great time to start up. TechCrunch recently caught up with former founder and active venture capitalist Jason Lemkin to chat about the world of software-as-service companies, better known as “SaaS.” Lemkin swung by TC HQ in San Francisco to spend some time with the Equity crew to discuss all things SaaS, markets and startups. Here’s the clip if you’ve had a long, hard week and want some optimism.


Remote Work Shift May Boost SaaS Management Platforms — Firms are now adopting remote work that “were not interested in it before,” said David Lewis, president and CEO of OperationsInc, an HR consulting firm in Norwalk, Conn. “And that breeds a certain lack of sophistication about remote work.” Indeed, he said, the coronavirus will have a major impact on how work gets done. “The number of companies that will have people working remotely will outnumber the number of companies that don’t,” he said.

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